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COLT Warranty Claims

COLT Hockey takes great pride in producing high quality products and stand behind them with an industry leading 60 day warranty!  We believe the best warranty is one that you will never have to use, but hockey is a rough game and occasionally we need to replace one for you.  

Please understand the following:

We can only offer warranties on sticks within the warranty period (60 days from date of delivery, no exceptions)

Warranty replacements cover broken sticks where there was a manufacturers defect.  It does not cover chips or small cracks. With use it is expected that you may find abrasions on the Nano NiCo portion of your stick but often do not effect the performance.

Do not send the broken stick back to COLT Hockey, you must complete a claim first. Please be advised that the claim process can only be completed via email, and not through a social media platform (i.e.: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).


Email us at with the following information (please include "COLT Hockey Warranty Claim" in the email subject line):
  1. Your first name

  2. Your last name 

  3. Your phone number and email

  4. Your order number

  5. Your stick serial number (located on upper shaft of stick)

  6. Type of stick purchased (i.e.: COLT 2, COLT 2 RAW, etc.)

  7. Type of failure that occurred (i.e.: broken blade, broken lower shaft, broken upper shaft etc.)

  8. How the breakage occurred (i.e.: slap shot, slash, etc.)

  9. Attached photo of damaged stick

Our customer service team will get back to you within 48-72 hours, and we hope to get your warranty claim reviewed and processed as quickly as possible.