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COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate)

$149.99 $249.99

COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate)
COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate) COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate) COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate) COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate) COLT 2 RAW (Intermediate)
  • Lightweight compression-molded, true one-piece composite construction 
  • Laminate design with a varying stiffness (flex) profile based on the position of the players lower hand
  • Application of COLT's patented Nanovate™ Nickel-Cobalt (NiCo) clad coating to the bottom portion (24") of the shaft
  • Reinforced composite walls throughout the top portion (36") of the stick
  • Increased impact resistance: 50% higher break load after impact vs. other elite composite shafts


  • Lightweight carbon composite blade structure with 3 chamber foam construction
  • Composite blade flex technology with a patented Polymer finish (Uncoated = RAW)  


  • 58 inches


  • 440 grams


  • Available in Satin Finish and Grip Finish

*COLT offers flex ratings of 65 - 75 - 85 - 100, but not in all patterns. 

  • Bottom 24" of the shaft maintains consistent flex profile when coated with Nanovate™ NiCo.
  • Depending on how you hold the stick, kick points vary along the shaft - allowing for heavy slap shots as well as quick release shots.
  • Strategically manipulated composite construction serves to optimize the flex and response rate. The stiffness distribution of the COLT 2 generates a transferrable flex profile that caters to a variety of different shots. 


COLT Hockey ships world-wide via FEDEX; you can also pick up your items directly from our factory.  Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 business days from receipt of order.

$149.99 $249.99

Limited Availability | Warranty Not Included 

Optimal Feel + Performance:

High performance stick with unparalleled precision and exceptional puck feel – for dangling, quick release, and shot accuracy. 

The COLT 2 RAW features a custom-designed, compression molded, carbon composite with our patented Nanovate™ NiCo clad coating from the high hosel through to the position of the player’s lower hand.  The 'RAW' line is designed specifically for pro players with a shaft that can load more energy to deliver the hardest shots on the planet and a extremely lightweight blade with bladeflex technology and a special Intebond™ finish for the best puck feel in the game! 

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