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High Velocity Shooting | COLT Hockey in the Lab

High velocity shooting. What exactly does it mean and can it really benefit your game? It seems the cat is finally out of the bag as the first wave of COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW users have begun experiencing high velocity like never before. Today we take a look at one of the most underrated, yet  innovative features offered through the second gen. COLT Hockey stick lineup  – and it's one that's about to change the game in more ways than you'd imagine.


Combining Durability with Power

By now, you’ve all probably heard about the COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW's unparalleled durability. It’s a value proposition of our Nanovate technology that we’ve built COLT Hockey’s foundation upon. Our first generation product, the COLT Gen.1, was the first step to realizing our ultimate goal – that of challenging the status quo and providing players with a tool they could not only rely on, but also be proud of.

In transitioning from the Gen.1 to our new COLT 2 lineup, we quickly realized that the benefits of our patented nanomaterial were endless, and that it had a lot more to offer the game than we had initially anticipated.

Our prototype testing was eye opening to say the least. Simply stated, we ventured to develop a hockey stick that not only matched the performance of elite composites currently crowding the market, but also aimed to surpass that standard. We wanted  the COLT to be more than just the strongest hockey stick ever made. We wanted our second generation lineup to stand alone in terms of elite quality and performance.

We believe we've accomplished that goal.

By reconstructing our base composite material, and redistributing our Nanovate coverage along the shaft (a redesign focusing on the nanometer scale), our engineers managed to capitalize on the technology's inherent energy storage properties. Unlike your average composite hockey stick, where energy is lost upon releasing the puck regardless of a player’s specific shooting mechanics, the COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW allow for a 21% increase in energy storage capacity.

Enhancing this property is the COLT's ability to withstand game-play stresses, eliminating the common micro-fracturing along the shaft that has typically minimized a hockey stick's lifespan and rendered it unplayable within weeks of purchasing. With every micro fracture - invisible to the naked eye - more input energy is lost as you load and unload your shot. We believe that the power you put behind that wrister, snap shot, or one timer from the top of the slot should never be wasted on faulty equipment.

As you can imagine, we were beyond excited to get the sticks out on the ice to have players of all levels experience this innovation. And so far, the results have been staggering.

COLT Sniper Challenge – Let the World Take Notice

Through the inaugural launch of the COLT Sniper Challenge – the first of which took place a few weeks ago at the new Ice House Training Facility in Burlington, Ontario, and the second at the G&G Skate Training Facility in Kitchener (while equipped with radar guns of course) – players began observing massive velocity increases in their shooting, whether it be a slap shot or quick wrister. On just those two occasions, we were able to convert a multitude of players to COLT Hockey; many of whom made the switch after only taking a few shots on goal.


Welcome to the National Hockey League

With increased velocity having been secured, the COLT 2 lineup has also gone on to receive National Hockey League approval, and substantial NHL player interest. We’re proud to say that sticks are now entering the highest level of hockey – being put to the test by the most skilled and powerful players on the planet. Early feedback has been beyond positive, and one can only assume that puck velocity league wide is about to increase significantly.

It’s a huge step for the COLT Hockey project, and we encourage you to keep an eye out as your favourite players experience nanomaterial in hockey for the very first time.

COLT Hockey

The COLT 2 RAW made it's NHL debut last week as the Maple Leafs took on the Blackhawks.


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