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We formed COLT Hockey to change the game.

We are hockey players, athletes, individuals who live and breathe sport. We are entrepreneurs who are intrinsically connected to the sports community.

We began COLT Hockey in the fall of 2013, motivated by the realization that high performance hockey sticks lacked what both recreational and elite players alike were seeking. We were on that very same, seemingly constant search – the search for a hockey stick that could withstand the tough nature of the game.

We asked ourselves if the evolution of the hockey stick, and the majority of sporting goods manufacturing, had reached its pinnacle and were not satisfied with the idea that it had.

Looking to the field of aerospace technology (where the thought of composite use in sporting goods was first formulated), it became evident that a new material was available – one that had just begun turning the aerospace industry on its head.

Enter the realm of nanomaterials.











We contacted Integran Technologies, the engineering firm behind Nanovate™ Technology and many of the advancements in nanomaterials over the last two decades to learn more, and that’s when we recognized its tremendous potential. A material that, when coupled with composite substrates, remained lightweight and flexible while far exceeding the strength ratios that plagued bare composite materials of the past. It eliminated the risk for micro-fracturing that would inevitably lead to those dramatic, mid-shot failures. We saw the future of the game that day, and COLT Hockey was born.

We teamed up with Integran with the shared vision of developing the highest quality of sporting goods equipment available. Now, as a division of Integran, the COLT Team continues to grow the brand worldwide and explore new potential markets while leveraging Integran’s experience and expertise for logistics, manufacturing and quality control!

Our first generation hockey stick was developed due to a never-before-seen outpouring of support from the global hockey community. COLT exists because of players, and we work tirelessly to support them day-in, day-out.