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COLT Hockey BarDown Takeover

With the 6th annual LUG Hockey charity All-Star Game in Kingston this past weekend, COLT Hockey and BarDown teamed up with LUG to host a tremendous event  in which all proceeds made would go towards funding the QHO (Queen's Health Organization).

LUG Hockey (League of Unextraordinary Gentlemen) is an elite Men's hockey league in Kingston providing opportunity for players seeking a competitive playing environment throughout their University education. Each year near the end of the regular season, LUG hosts a charity All-Star Game with the selection of the top athletes from the 12 competing teams. The players selected would then be drafted by either Team COLT Hockey or Team BarDown. 

The players had the opportunity to try out the COLT hockey stick prior to the game and they all agreed that the sticks were "extremely wicked".

Getting the COLT into the hands of hockey player of all ages and skill sets is something we strive to pursue. The LUG All-Star Game provided a perfect opportunity to showcase our sticks with highly competitive hockey players. 

During the second intermission, COLT Hockey hosted a Hardest Shot competition for the players and spectators of the charity event. The competition was fierce as the winner would be taking home their very own COLT 2 Hockey stick! In the end, Alex Kwok of Team BarDown came out on top with a blistering 88 mph slapper!

 Matt McGuckin for Team BarDown

Ryan Reynolds for Team COLT

Alex Kwok for Team BarDown

The All-Star game itself provided tons of high intensity action as both Team COLT Hockey and Team BarDown were able to find the back of the net on several occasions. By the final buzzer, Team COLT Hockey had prevailed to a 9-4 victory over Team BarDown. The Three stars of the evening were as following:

1. Alex Kwok (Team BarDown): 3 Goals

2. James Shannon (Team COLT): 2 Goals, 1 Assist

3. Fred Scott (Team COLT): 2 Goals, 1 Assist 

COLT Hockey would like to thank BarDown and LUG Hockey for an amazing weekend and we look forward to the 2016 charity All-Star Game!


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