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Saucing on St. Patrick's Day

Having to work on St. Patrick's Day can be a tough pill for anyone to swallow. Then again, it really depends on what you consider the term 'work' to entail. 

For the COLT team, Thursday's workday meant trying out the Original Hockey Sauce Kit first hand and experimenting with a few trick shots of our own. 

In case you've yet to hear of the phenomenon taking the hockey world by storm, saucin' has become a somewhat therapeutic and dangerously addictive pass time. It just so happens that no one does it better than Vince, the mastermind behind the Hockey Sauce Kit.

If the mountains of viral, YouTube content are of any indication, we have a feeling this game is going to blow up this summer!

COLTs and saucing... That's a day well spent.

Special thanks to Vince and Jeremy from How to Hockey for passing by the COLT facility and showing us how it's done.



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