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Everything You Need to Know About Generation Four

With the full release of the COLT 4 set for tomorrow morning -- joining the COLT PRO as the two pillars of our Generation Four offering, we wanted to take the time to answer a few commonly asked questions from players looking to experience the next gen. 

Why should I buy a COLT hockey stick in the first place?

If you’re like thousands of hockey players around the world, I think it’s safe to say you realize how expensive the game has become. Equipment, especially hockey sticks, can really take a toll on your wallet. Making matters worse: the best equipment, often times, can be the least durable. COLT hockey was formed to solve that problem – offering players hockey sticks that perform like the best composites in the game (lightweight, full of ‘pop’ and ‘whip’) with a focus on product longevity. COLT hockey sticks that feature our Nanovate NiCo nanotechnology are 2-3 times stronger than elite composite sticks currently on the market today, while exhibiting the performance characteristics modern players have grown accustomed to.

Why did you create the COLT PRO?

We recognized that even with the long-term cost savings associated with a hockey stick that can outlast the competition, the initial price-point of a nanomaterial-based hockey stick may still be out of reach for some players. The COLT PRO – a pro-stock inspired, nano-engineered product – was developed as an alternative for players who are just beginning to recognize the potential of nanomaterial technology in sport, and are looking for an intermediary option while they become more comfortable with the COLT Hockey brand.

Which hockey stick – the COLT 4 or COLT PRO – is right for my game?

Let’s start with the COLT 4 – a stick featuring our trademark Nanovate NiCo technology. The nanomaterial reinforces the lower shaft region and fully encapsulates the blade – so, if you’re a player who experiences excessive wear and tear (from slashes, stick battles, digging pucks out of the corner, face-offs, etc.) then we highly recommend the COLT 4. We’ve found that more defensive minded players have really benefited from our core technology offering found within that lineup – usually sandpaper type defensemen, two-way centremen, or penalty kill specialists.

The COLT PRO, a pro-stock inspired alternative that features a total reconfiguration of typical composite layering, provides players who are more attack-minded the perfect tool to add to their in-game arsenal. If you’re a player who depends on dynamic shooting (in-tight, off-balance, quick release) or a player who gets the play started (usually responsible for that first, crisp outlet pass out of the zone) then the COLT PRO is an ideal choice for your game.

We’ve found that scoring wingers and puck-moving defensemen have really benefited from the COLT PRO (it surpassed even our own expectations during the prototype testing phase – where elite players were given the opportunity to put the PRO through its paces).

Why is the COLT PRO so much cheaper than the COLT 4?

As you know, the COLT 4 (the direct successor to the Gen.1, COLT 2, and COLT 3 offerings of generations past) features an extraordinary application of our patented Nanovate NiCo nanotechnology platform. Advanced engineering of this magnitude and scale comes with significant manufacturing costs.

While less durable than the COLT 4, the COLT PRO was created as a perfect intermediary step for players just beginning their journey into the world of nanomaterial in sport – a stick series that allows elite players to grow more accustomed to playing with advanced materials at a price-point they may be more comfortable with. In terms of sheer performance relative to competitive offerings, the COLT PRO does not disappoint – certainly, a prime example of composite innovation achieved by the world’s brightest advanced materials engineers and designers.

How heavy is the COLT 4? How heavy is the COLT PRO?

The COLT 4 follows our commitment to optimizing our Nanovate NiCo enabled products (i.e.: the Gen.1, COLT 2, and COLT 3 of generations past). Each iteration has seen weight reduced from the internal structure of the shaft without compromising our trademark and revolutionary durability proposition. That being said, the COLT 4 remains 5% lighter than the COLT 3, at approximately 465g (when measured at the average 60” shaft length offered by our competitors). 

The COLT PRO was designed to really push the envelope in terms of composite weave construction – nano-engineered to set a benchmark within the industry as one of the lightest and high-performing sticks currently available.  Relative to competitive offerings, the COLT PRO weighs in around the 395g mark.

As engineers, designers, and most importantly, passionate hockey players, we can tell you first hand, that weight simply isn’t everything. The overall feel of a hockey stick is far more important when it comes to player performance, and we’re confident the Fourth Generation in its entirety delivers.

Is the COLT PRO durable?

Despite the pitfalls of traditional composite-based hockey sticks (pitfalls that COLT Hockey’s mandate aims to solve) the COLT PRO is not your typical composite hockey stick. Unlike competitive brands, the COLT PRO was developed from the ground-up, leveraging world-leading nanomaterial expertise.

Our engineers and designers approached the COLT PRO the same way we approached the COLT 4 and its predecessors, asking ourselves how we could innovate while combining pre-existing and game-changing technologies alike. The COLT PRO is a prime example of what can be accomplished when an interdisciplinary, hybrid approach is applied to advanced sporting goods. The result is an elite level, pro-stock inspired product that rivals the competition in durability and longevity, even without our trademark Nanovate NiCo coating.

When can I buy one? When will Generation Four be ready?

Our world class engineering and production teams have been working around the clock to stock our inventory levels in time for the upcoming season. That being said, the Fourth Generation has already begun with the launch of the COLT PRO – a pro-stock inspired, nano-engineered composite stick (the first of its kind) – in mid-September. The COLT 4 – the successor to the COLT 3 featuring our patented Nanovate NiCo technology – is set to launch on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

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