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The Definitive Holiday Gift Guide by COLT Hockey

Tis’ the season for friends, family, and wild hockey related gift giving. Whether you’re spoiling yourself, or shopping for the hockey player in your life, we’ve got a quick list of gifts that will surely not disappoint. Best part is, each of these can be purchased online just in time for the holidays (perfect for last minute shoppers like us).

The Original Hockey Sauce Kit


A staple to the off-ice training regiment of any dedicated hockey player (or anyone really – saucing is a universal pass time), the Original Hockey Sauce Kit has quickly become one of the most sought after gifts of the 2016 holiday season. We’ve probably wasted thousands of hours playing with it ourselves, so believe us when we tell you it’s worth every penny.

Say Goodbye to Tape, Say Hello to SniperSkin


Taping your hockey stick is so 2003. Fusing your stick with a SniperSkin is the future.

The benefits are endless. Longer lasting products by reducing the typical wear felt along the blade of your stick, as well as protecting your hockey gloves from the effects of worn out tape along the upper shaft. SniperSkin is a must for any hockey player, young or old, looking to protect their pricey equipment.

What a Gongshow


The shinny season is now well underway, and looking your best while keeping warm is a must. Gongshow gear offers a wide range of apparel options for hockey players looking to express themselves on and off the ice. We recommend an ultra warm ODR King Toque and a casual hoody.

Sticks for Kids by Mode Hockey


Shopping for a junior player is tough enough, add the current controversy surrounding the ‘Rule of Flex’ to the mix, and you may find yourself in a tricky situation.

The Rule of Flex essentially refers to choosing hockey sticks that offer the right stiffness relative to the player’s body weight and size. Junior players have pretty much been ignored in this regard, not being provided the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of low-flex shafts.

While the old argument insisted that juniors use stiff, wooden products to gain shooting strength over time, the reality is that shooting with a dynamic composite hockey stick is very different from shooting with a wooden product. Battle Mode Hockey wants to change this, and have come up with Junior hockey sticks that allow players to learn modern shooting mechanics from the get-go. Check out the new brand today!

Stocking Stuffed with a Clap Balm


We don’t use this term lightly, or often, but Clap Balm is an absolute game changer.

No, we’re not talking about that top shelf, game winner you had last game, we’re talking about a product that eliminates hand odour. The same hands that dangle are unfortunately the ones that no one in your household can stand once those gloves come off.

Clap Balm is an all-natural balm that is applied to your hands after hockey to kill the unwanted smell left by gloves. As they like to say, “Leave your stink at the rink…”

And just like that you have the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Reinvent Your Game with the COLT 3

This may sound like a shameless plug, but we know an unforgettable gift when we see one. The stick taking the hockey world by storm is still available for delivery before the holidays! Different curve patterns and flexes are selling out quickly, so ordering a COLT 3 today may be your best (or only) bet! 


Now, let’s say you really procrastinated this year, and by the time you realize you’ve forgotten to buy Johnny something, the guaranteed delivery deadline has passed. Don’t panic, there’s still hope! Luckily, each of the brands listed above offer last minute gift cards.

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