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Why Aren’t COLT Hockey Sticks in the National Hockey League?

While all COLT Hockey products are approved for NHL and professional use, you won’t be seeing any COLT hockey sticks in the NHL this year.

We’ve been there before, and we’re proud of that accomplishment, but the reality is that the NHL only represents one thing: an expensive means of mass product placement.

For COLT Hockey, investing in the NHL means hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential R&D and innovation initiatives being reallocated to channels that simply won’t benefit our community in the short or long term. We’ve always preferred the grass-roots approach, letting our products and the players who depend on them do the talking for us.

When you invest in a COLT Hockey stick, we continue to invest in the future of the game, not the wallets of NHL executives. And while it’s a question the team has fielded consistently for quite some time now, we’ll never shy away from the answer.

There may come a time when our strategy changes, but only when we can ensure the quality of our program and our ability to innovate freely and rapidly will not be jeopardized.

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