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COLT Hockey at the Ice House | COLT in the Community Launch

Winter is coming… And we all know what that means.

The wildly popular (and incredibly rewarding) COLT in the Community series gets set for its second installment, and this time around, we’ve got a new partner ready to help us take things to the next level.

To kick things off, we’re travelling to Burlington, Ontario, where the next wave of advanced hockey training is about to get underway.

The Ice House - a new state-of-the-art training facility in Burlington, Ontario


We’ll be joining our new friends at the Ice House a state-of-the-art hockey training facility – for their massive grand opening event running from October 18th to 19th (12pm to 8pm both days).  We figured the only way to launch a high-tech facility involved showcasing some advanced hockey sticks in the process – so we’re dubbing this the first of many COLT Demo Days.

That’s right, we’ll be giving away a COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW to anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to go 4-for-4 in a high-stakes shootout contest. All you have to do is sign up, grab a COLT 2 or COLT 2 RAW, and go head-to-head in the Sniper Challenge. This is only one of many contests set for the weekend, with prizes, special promos, and COLT locker-set giveaways there for the taking.

If we haven’t yet sold you on what the Ice House is all about, their Skills Zone in and of itself should do the trick. It’s an interactive skills area that touts the following high-tech training apparatus:

  • Two Interactive Shooting pads – measuring shot responsiveness, shot accuracy, and of course, shot speed.
  • A Skating Treadmill – perfect for working on skating mechanics and shooting while on the move, as well as stick-handling and passing in an environment that mechanically adjusts difficulty.
  • An Interactive Skating Ramp – a great tool for amplifying that explosive start all the elite players are working toward (and perfect for going head-to-head against your overconfident friends)
  • And finally, our personal favourite, the Interactive Dangle Zone (the name speaks for itself, really). Absolutely ideal for customizing your own stickhandling drills while going up against the clock.

No, this is not a video game. It’s real life. And hockey just got a hell-of-a-lot cooler because of it.

For more information on the grand opening, check out

See you all this weekend!

The COLT Hockey Team


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