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COLT Lacrosse | Advancing the COLT Sports Project

In what many saw as an inevitable next-step, the COLT Team is proud to announce the unveiling of our new COLT Lacrosse shafts -- the COLT and COLT Box. Two new additions to the COLT Sports project aimed at delivering durability and strength to one of the most punishing sports on the planet.

With unprecedented and exclusive access to cutting edge and highly advanced material technologies (characterized by our patented Nanovate NiCo reinforcement process), it seems the possibilities in addressing composite-based equipment failure have now become endless, and we are excited to begin a new chapter in our program's development. While it is the first time COLT has entered lacrosse, we are ready to showcase COLT durability and strength to another community of hardcore and dedicated athletes -- advancing the COLT tradition of high quality matching elite performance in sporting goods.

Now, let's delve into each product, shall we?


The COLT Box is the perfect tool for Box lacrosse players and defensive players of all types. This lacrosse shaft offers extreme strength and toughness. The weight of the shaft has been generated by applying a thin layer of our Nanovate™ NiCo technology to a specially designed composite handle.  By applying the Nanovate™ to a lightweight composite shaft we have effectively built the product’s weight up by adding a significant amount of the incredibly tough coating. Ultimately, this has led to the Box being the toughest and most impact resistant lacrosse shaft in its weight class. Backed by a 1-year warranty. Pre-orders for this product will ship on or before October 24th, 2014.



The COLT lacrosse shaft is ideal for Field lacrosse players or forwards playing Box lacrosse. The lightweight shaft provides superior durability and impact resistance in comparison to carbon composite shafts while weighing in at approximately the same weight as elite composites. The COLT line features a carbon-composite shaft reinforced with our Nanovate™ NiCo protective layer which provides superior durability and impact resistance while offering the same lightweight demanded by offensive players and field lacrosse players, alike. Ultimately the COLT provides the same toughness of titanium and metal-alloy handles at a significantly lighter weight. This revolutionary toughness-to-weight ratio enables users to play with the confidence and ferocity allowed by heavy handles with the control of lightweight composite handles! Backed by a 1-year warranty. Pre-Orders will ship on or before October 24th, 2014.

To preorder your COLT and COLT Box Lacrosse sticks, click here.

We truly can't wait for you to experience the integration of cutting edge material science in sport first hand.

The COLT Sports  Team






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