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Hockey Tutorial – Hockey’s Growth on a Global Scale

One of the best parts of being a member of the hockey community – other than having the ability to play and enjoy the game while meeting new people – involves the unique perspective you acquire. As both players and individuals who have now entered full-steam into the hockey ‘industry’, we get to engage with the game on multiple levels – from local community events to regional consumer shows and so on. What amazes us the most is the fact that the game, as strong as it is, only continues to grow – it’s reach seemingly expanding further with each passing day.

Why such growth exists comes with no surprise, as the sport undoubtedly has so much to offer, but the rapid movement on a global scale can be seen as nothing short of inspiring – and it has everything to do with the select few who have made it their mission to teach and motivate others.

Take, for example, the infamous Hockey Tutorial YouTuber’s, who have taken it upon themselves to educate youth across the pond. To say we admire their efforts would be an understatement, so naturally, we provided the teachers of the game with its basic and most reliable tool – the COLT GEN.1 hockey stick.

Today we take a look back at a few of Hockey Tutorial’s videos – all geared towards facilitating a cause we can all surely support. Hockey has provided us with so much, and it’s time we help others experience what we sometimes take for granted.

How to Take a One-Timer:


How to Take a Slap Shot:


How to Skate Faster:


With videos of this quality spurring on the global hockey movement, one can only imagine what the future has in store. Up and coming and experienced hockey players alike are now being fitted with the consistency all athletes demand in their equipment, and have the ability to not only teach the game to others, but enjoy the game for what it is, focusing on what matters most.

To learn more about Hockey Tutorial and their mission, visit their YouTube channel at
If you’re looking to join the future of hockey, rest assured, you’ve come to the right place

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