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COLT 2 | The Next Generation

After months of speculation, it is now official -- the next generation has finally arrived! New logo, same vision; COLT Hockey is pushing the envelope once again, and taking nano-material application in sport to new heights.

We're excited to announce the launch of the COLT2 and COLT2 Raw hockey sticks -- all apart of our second generation launch platform.

Two unique and significantly refined offerings, designed to accommodate a wider variety of playing styles and preferences (including senior and intermediate flex profiles, as well as the inclusion of grip and non-grip finishes). Based on the feedback of early adopters and members of the COLT Community we've also updated and expanded our curve pattern selection to compliment our advanced blade design, allowing players to more efficiently make the leap from bare composite to nano-material -- and never look back

When we began the COLT Hockey project, never in our wildest dreams could we have anticipated the outpouring of interest and support from the hockey and sporting communities. With exclusive access to innovative material technologies and with a highly dedicated team, our initial hard work materialized in the most advanced hockey stick design of its time -- the COLT Gen.1. But we never stopped innovating. We continued looking to improve while attempting to establish a culture of high-quality in our product offerings.  This meant rigorously searching for new methods and design implementations that would inevitably lead to enhanced performance and feel rather than resting on our laurels and simply enjoying past advancements.

Without a doubt, the exploration of our patented nano-material has led to a few incredible discoveries - the most astounding (not-with-standing the never-before-achieved durability propositions) being the material's inherent ability to store and transfer energy with minimal residual losses. Early product testing revealed a startling 21% increase in energy potential in comparison to competitive composite offerings when our patented Nanovate NiCo coating was re-configured along the lower shaft region of the hockey stick. In simple terms, this discovery demonstrated the material's ability to amplify puck velocity by reducing energy loss while shooting. The COLT2 and COLT2 Raw were designed to capitalize on this newly discovered reality - making them the most powerful hockey sticks on the market today.

We've identified the issues surrounding our game, and with your on-going support, we have undertaken a collective mission to solve them. The second generation is a testament to that vision, and we hope you continue this journey towards sporting excellence with us and with the COLT2 by your side.

We're proud of what we've accomplished, both from an engineering perspective and as individuals who simply love the game. Performance and now unparalleled power meeting COLT durability without compromise -- we can't wait for you to experience it first hand.

The COLT Hockey Team

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