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Year in Review | COLT Hockey's Top 5 of 2014


It’s been a wild 12 months around here, and although we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface, the COLT Hockey project has made some great strides. With the New Year fast approaching, we thought it’d be a perfect time to look back on the craziness that was 2014. So grab some left over eggnog from the fridge, sit back and relax, as we peruse through the events defining our first full year in operation.

#1 TVA Sports Coverage

We had to brush up on our French for this one. COLT Hockey made it’s debut in Quebec, Canada in 2014 with the help of TVA Sports, and we're more than thankful for the tremendous support!

#2 Second Generation Launch


The success of the COLT Gen.1 was mind blowing. After having their voices heard, the hockey community took an active role in designing the next iteration of the COLT Hockey stick, culminating in the COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW – two distinct offerings catering to a variety of playing styles and preferences. The launch marked the next phase of our project, and we couldn't have done it without you!

#3 Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey


With word on the COLT 2 lineup beginning to infiltrate even the most remote pockets of the country, Scotiabank and Sportsnet decided it was time for COLT Hockey to reach a national audience. Along with Hockey Robotics and Bauer Hockey, the coverage solidified the COLT Project as a total game changer. 

#4 Viral Reviews

From YouTube heavyweights Pavel Barber and the Hockey Movement's Jeremy Rupke, to some pro hockey analysis offered by MoneySense Magazine, the new COLT 2 lineup was put to the test the second it hit the market.

#5 Welcome to the NHL

Midway through 2014 we achieved a massive objective - gain NHL approval and see the COLT 2 used in-game by some of the leagues most solid two-way players. It's just another testament to the on-going support we've received from the growing hockey community! 

Looking Forward to 2015

Right off the bat, we've got some big news to share! The New Year will be greeted with an event we've been holding tight to the chest for some time now. On January 21st, just as that holiday hangover begins to fade, you can catch the team on CBC's Dragon's Den! Watch us go toe-to-toe with a few industry heavyweights as we look to take COLT Hockey to the next level! Stay tuned for more details!  

From the entire COLT Team, have a safe and happy New Year!

Until next time,

COLT Hockey 


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