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Made in Canada | COLT Hockey’s Commitment to High Quality

COLT Hockey has recently been acknowledged by as an elite manufacturer of sporting goods based in Canada. It’s a distinction that we take great pride in, and one that directly reflects our commitment to high quality.

Producing COLT Hockey sticks, in many ways, is an intricate, handcrafted process. Although not quite as nostalgic as the earliest era defining the game – characterized by those skillfully carved, wooden twigs many of us grew up with – as hockey players and innovators alike, designing the next generation hockey stick still maintains that long lasting tradition of relentless innovation in sport. The COLT, in that respect, is a labor of love that goes hand-in-hand with our admiration and respect for hockey.

In an age where rapid prototyping and large scale manufacturing has become a numbers game, it seems quality has taken a back seat to quantity and the excessive profit margins that come with exorbitant stock piles of mediocre product. It begs the question; does everything have to come from over seas? It’s a question that has been trying to answer since it’s own inception, as they have thoroughly searched for companies that were founded and whose operations remain in Canada.

Our Commitment 

Here at COLT Hockey, a commitment was made early on in our project’s development, one that was derived through compromise, as the initial drawbacks seemed endless. From the COLT Gen.1 to the revamped COLT 2 lineup (our NHL entry products), we can proudly say that our sticks are made in Canada, and we plan on keeping it that way.

Although, many would observe the COLT Hockey operation as limited by this commitment, our experiences have provided us a very different perspective. While the game is growing globally at an unprecedented rate (take Hockey Tutorial’s recent trip to Kenya as a prime example), there just seems to be something special about designing and manufacturing the most essential tool of the game in the confines of its birthplace. The game began and has flourished in North America, and having the ability and resources to innovate and subsequently improve hockey within our borders possesses the type of value that can’t be measured monetarily.

As COLT Hockey continues to grow, a development made possible by the support and feedback of the entire hockey community, the future seems brighter than ever, with Canada undoubtedly remaining our home.

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