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For the Taller Players: Longer Shafts Have Arrived!

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Giving taller players the true one-piece they deserve!

As you may know, here at COLT Hockey, we have set out to compete against industry giants - and creating a Canadian-handcrafted, technologically advanced hockey stick was only just the beginning. To compliment our mission, we figured it was time to provide players with more options - and longer shafts were the next logical step.


Responding to an outcry from our taller friends, it seems that typical, composite shaft extensions are just no longer an option - seemingly obsolete within an industry now swirling with innovation. As we like to say around here, elite performance should be experienced by players of all shapes and sizes, and we've just made that happen!

That's right, COLT Hockey is proud to announce that we are now offering our COLT 2 and COLT 2 Raw in a 62' inch length. Typically, hockey sticks have been sold at a length of 60' inches, with those dreaded extensions required for taller players. By providing an extra 2' inches to our sticks, taller players will now have the ability to purchase a true one piece hockey stick with a consistent flex rating from the top of the shaft to the bottom.  

It's time we stop discriminating against the Zdeno Chara's of the world!

Note: When placing an order, make sure you indicate that you'd like a tall shaft rather than a regular shaft (in the notes section of the order). 

Until next time, 

COLT Hockey



1 comment

May 22, 2016 • Posted by Nancy

My son is 6’7" without skates. Will a 62" shaft be long enough for him? I’d like to get him a stick for Christmas. What do I need to find out about how he plays (shooting left or right for example) before I order him a stick?

Thank you :)

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