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COLT 3 Hockey Stick Pre-Order [Update 01]

We're on to DAY 3 of the COLT 3 hockey stick pre-order and what have we noticed so far?

Players were really waiting for this one. 

From Canada and the United States, to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia (even Australia) hockey players have responded loud and clear to this weeks announcement and we can't wait to start getting COLT 3 hockey sticks in their mitts! 


That being said, the high demand does present a bit more urgency when it comes to placing orders. To ensure your COLT 3 is shipped to you by late November, 2016, we highly recommend reserving your spot in line as quickly as possible! COLT 3 orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis, with the earliest pre-orders being shipped out as quickly as possible. 

Placing your order now will also ensure that you are locked in at our early bird pricing. If you've already placed your order, we recommend your sit back and get ready to experience the most advanced hockey stick design ever created. The wait can be painful, we know, so in the meantime, make sure you're spreading the word and bragging to all your teammates as frequently as possible. It's ok. They'll understand. 


If you've taken the time to go through the COLT 3 in detail, you'd notice that only select curve patterns are currently available for pre-order. We assure you, more curve patterns are on the way, and will be added as we progress throughout the pre-order phase and duration of the 2016-2017 season. 

If your desired curve pattern and flex are not currently offered but you'd like to lock in to our early bird pricing, all you have to do is sign up for our mailing list and email us the curve pattern and you're dying to see on the store! We'll make sure you don't pay any more than the pre-order price, regardless of when you place your order! For a list of our expected curve pattern offerings for the 2016-2017 hockey season, check out the COLT 3 product page.


Like we always say around here, good players work hard, but great players work harder. As hockey players, we know how much work goes into being your best, on and off the ice. We've fed off the work ethic of the COLT Hockey Community, and have made it our mission to never stop innovating.

The COLT 3 hockey stick is lighter, stronger, and exhibits performance characteristics -- from feel and handling to overall shooting mechanics -- that now surpasses some of the most elite hockey stick products currently on the market. 

Lighter. Stronger. The feel and performance only nanomaterial can provide. Who knew the future of hockey could be so simple. 

We're excited and we hope you are too.

COLT 3 is coming and it's coming in fast. Pre-order yours today.


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