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The Third Generation of COLT Hockey Begins

Reinvent Your Game with COLT Hockey

The COLT Gen.1 and COLT 2 lineup were only the initial steps.

Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of the COLT Hockey project – and it starts with the all-new COLT 3 – a hockey stick that represents 4 years of uninterrupted and unwavering innovation. 

Hockey players spoke up, and we never stopped listening.

Four years in and we’re still using advanced materials to alleviate the problems facing our game, providing players innovative equipment they can actually go to battle with – equipment designed to last without compromising performance.

We understand the difference between a customer and a hockey player.

The COLT 3 is a tool that pays homage to the players who simply don’t stop working, and who deserve nothing less than superior quality for investing in the COLT brand.

The first wave of COLT 3 pre-orders will be shipped out to players in late November, 2017. 

We’re reinventing our game, the question is, are you ready to do the same?


COLT 3 Hockey Stick

Like its predecessors, the COLT 3 features an elite performing, specially designed, one-piece composite hockey stick where the blade, hosel, and bottom 24" inches of the shaft (hack zone) are fully encapsulated with our patented Nanovate™ NiCo technology.  

The COLT 3 combines the latest in composite hockey stick design with aerospace engineered nanomaterial to give you the the most high performing, durable hockey stick on the market today – and it’s backed by an industry leading 60-day warranty.


Weight reduced by over 15% without compromising strength or material integrity.

With a full, structural design overhaul, COLT engineers have refined the COLT core composite and have introduced a more seamless application of the advanced Nano-NiCo coating (Nanovate) -- achieving more than a 15% weight reduction when compared to past models.


Like its predecessors, the COLT 3 can withstand 3x more impact force than current elite composite hockey sticks.

That same, extraordinary durability that took the hockey world by storm characterizes the COLT 3 and what it stands for. Following in the footsteps of the COLT Gen.1 and COLT 2 lineup, the COLT 3 is an elite composite that players can go to to battle with.


The all new COLT Soft-Touch finish combined with our Modern Kick-Point (MKP) design improves feel, release quickness, and shot power.

Improving the feel, handling, and overall shooting mechanics of COLT Hockey sticks has always been our focus. By introducing the COLT Soft-Touch grip finish, combined with a core composite designed for both a quick release and a more powerful shot, the third generation is a world ahead. 


Stay tuned over the next few days as we delve deeper into our must advanced hockey stick design yet, starting with its entry into the featherweight class

COLT Hockey


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