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COLT Hockey Durability Test by Sam Coons

Every now and then, like most, we enjoy scanning through YouTube looking for cool videos to post and share. It's one of the best parts of working on the COLT Project -- being able to engage with hockey players online from around the world. 

This week we stumbled upon a video uploaded by COLT Hockey player, Sam Coons, who decided it was time to put his COLT 2 RAW  through it's paces, performing the now infamous (albeit, slightly unscientific) durability test.



Made famous by Coach Jeremy of How to Hockey last Winter (see video below), Sam tries his best to bring his COLT to the brink of failure, and in true COLT fashion, the stick lived up to it's high billing. 

Now, we definitely don't recommend torturing any stick to this extent -- keeping your stick in good condition is just part of the battle when it comes to ensuring product longevity. But it's always nice to see what advanced materials engineering can accomplish in the real world, and for that, we thank you Sam! 


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