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The Best Kept Secret in Hockey – Unleashing Generation Four

We’ve been quiet the last few months.

Before the puck drops, the best players in the game are usually pretty quiet too – in careful meditation, trying to prepare for the battle ahead.

As you climb the ranks you begin to rely on anticipation. Being able to foresee every potential play – the outlet passes, the quick cuts to center ice, the jostling in front of the cage – hell, you may even start to envision a puck’s frictionless wobble along a fresh sheet of ice.

Anticipation provides a clinical, competitive advantage. If, of course, you’re willing to prepare for every scenario – to work beyond what you thought was humanly possible and to eliminate the unexpected.

For the last few months, COLT Hockey has been anticipating. We’ve been preparing. We’ve been putting our heads down day in and day out – creating something that bridges every experience we’ve ever had and focusing it towards the future.

Now, we’re ready for that puck drop.

Generation Four

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce the unveiling of Generation Four – the culmination of over 6 years of dedication to the game we love and the project that has become so much more than a simple pastime. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and to say we can’t wait for players to experience the fourth generation would be a gross understatement. Today, we stare wide-eyed at the apex of advanced hockey stick design – and we marvel in its potential.  

The COLT 4

The official successor to the COLT 3, the all new COLT 4  enters the arena as the most durable, high performing hockey stick ever developed. The careful balance struck between elite level feel and jaw-dropping longevity is on full display, highlighting a top-to-bottom reimagining of what it means to be the hockey stick brand of the future.


The first of its kind for COLT Hockey, the fourth generation also sees the upcoming release of the COLT PRO – a stick designed for players seeking an ultra-lightweight, pro-stock-inspired alternative to add to their in-game arsenal. The COLT PRO features an innovative, 18K Carbon, nano-engineered, core composite construct – the first COLT hockey stick concept to feature a fully exposed, composite finish. 

Looking Ahead

In the coming days, the Generation Four roll-out will officially begin, marked by the full release of the COLT PRO both online and in our stores (including our exclusive GTA dealer, the HockeyStickMan). The COLT 4 release will follow a few weeks later as our engineering and production teams prepare the shelves for the long season ahead.

Stay tuned for more detailed information regarding both product lineups and be sure to share the word with your teammates – COLT Hockey is back.

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