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Entering Four Years of COLT Hockey and We’re Not Stopping

Feels like just yesterday, doesn’t it? The COLT Hockey project is now entering its fourth year and we're just as motivated as we were on day one.

We owe that to you – the players who wanted change as much as we did.

Looking back at our Kickstarter campaign where the project was initially crowd funded, to the waves of media attention that would take hold –from Sportsnet and TSN, to TVA Sports and CTV – I can tell you we still get chills thinking about it. Not many people get that opportunity, and we surely don’t take it for granted.

We may have been in front of the cameras, but the real work was being done by the hundreds of players who jumped on board immediately – and the thousands that would follow suit.

We learned very quickly that the problems we were facing were problems players around the world were experiencing as well.

Think about it; with every major advancement in hockey stick tech came major compromises. The most vital tool in a hockey player’s arsenal was getting less reliable each and every year, and clearly, we weren't the only ones realizing it.

We grew up playing and watching hockey almost every day. If it wasn’t ice hockey, we were out there on the street, hockey nets in place, ducking for traffic as the street became our arena. And like the NHL stars we’d see on TV, we were constantly looking for top of the line equipment to compliment our passion.

If it were good enough for the Ovechkins and Crosbys of the world, surely, it’d be good enough for us. 

You’d see teammates walk into the dressing room with brand new, elite composite hockey sticks and instantly feel as if you were missing out. You felt like your game would suffer because of it.

The reality, though, could be seen a few practices or games later. The weeks that passed seemed to include more shattered sticks on the ice than goals scored. Players like us were tired of it – tired of spending our cash on equipment that just wouldn’t last.

From the players we speak to today, it’s amazing finding out how many sticks they had gone through before adding COLT Hockey to their game. Obviously, some of us are more prone to broken sticks than others, but whether it’s two sticks a month or two sticks a week, watching your investment hit the ice in pieces when the game is on the line is never easy.

We’ve made it our mission to solve this problem, and instead of resting on our laurels, we’ve only continued to innovate and improve.

In the next few days, we’ll finally be able to show off the work we’ve been doing behind-the-scenes for upwards of 2 years. We hope you can join us as we move towards the next phase of the COLT Hockey project.

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