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The Difference Between COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW

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As we began planning for the second generation launch of the COLT Project, we felt the hockey community needed and deserved more options. That being said, you may have noticed by now that the COLT 2 line is made up of two distinct products, and we intend for both to make a massive impact on the hockey landscape this year. What this means is that players now have a wider and more appropriate selection when it comes to their first (or next) nano-material based hockey stick -- allowing them to make the transition toward advanced sporting materials that much easier.

Now, let's help you select your new stick. Here is a bit of a breakdown between the two new products representing our second generation line and the major improvements achieved transitioning from the Gen.1! The COLT 2 with maximized durability (lower shaft and blade reinforced with our Nanovate NiCo coating), and the COLT 2 Raw with a Nanovate NiCo plated lower shaft region, but designed with an exposed composite, polymer-coated blade for greater vibration control and a lighter overall finish - both exhibiting enhanced flex profiles.

The COLT 2 features a specially designed, compression-molded, one-piece stick clad with our patented Nanovate™ NiCo technology coating.  Nanovate™ NiCo fully encapsulates the blade, hosel, and bottom 24” inches of the stick. The result is the most powerful and durable hockey stick on the market today – and it’s backed by an industry leading 60-day warranty. (Learn More)

The COLT 2 RAW features a custom-designed, compression molded, carbon composite stick with our patented Nanovate™ NiCo clad coating from the high hosel through to the position of the player's lower hand.  The coating functions not only to protect the stick from damage but also offers the most load and release potential on the market! With our Intebond™ finish, the blade retains an extremely lightweight composite blade feel and enhanced blade flex performance. (Learn More)
The COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW both capitalize on the inherent energy storage potential recently discovered as a major value proposition of the Nanovate NiCo coating reinforcing the bottom portion of the shaft (a 21% increase when compared to current elite composite offerings). In simple terms, this means less energy is lost while shooting, translating to an increase in puck velocity. The 'unlocking' of this energy potential has allowed us to design a product that quite literally 'propels' or fully transfers force without significant residual loss. 

To conclude, the main differences between the two new products can be found particularly in blade construction, as the COLT 2 features a fully encapsulated nano-material blade, while the COLT 2 Raw is formed with an exposed composite blade coated with a thin polymeric material ('Intebond™') -- which enhances vibration control and impact absorption while more closely mimicking the blade feel that many players have grown accustomed to. 
To learn more about our expanded curve pattern selection and flex offerings, visit the COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW product pages.


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Jun 14, 2015 • Posted by Greg Frazho

I played with a Gen 1 Colt for the first time in a game today. I’m older, I play rec hockey so I’m nothing like an impact player. That said, it took a bit of acclimation to get used to this stick. Once I did, though, I’m glad I had it.

It’s listed as an 85 flex, but it really feels like a hundo. Again, it took some getting used to. It took passes well; it sent them well. I only got off one good slapper, more like a snapper, but it seemed to have a good energy transference.

Once I’d gotten used to the feel of a Colt, I liked it. It is an acquired taste, although a lot of my guys (I manage a pro shop) have taken it to the shooting room and liked it immediately. I took it to the shooting room, too, and was impressed with its durability.

If Colt sticks last even twice, let alone three times, as long as the competition, you guys have a game changer. Good job.

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