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Unpacking Generation Four | How Will the COLT PRO and COLT 4 Change Your Game

COLT Generation Four is a term used to express two new product lines – the COLT 4 and COLT PRO. Both lineups highlight our fourth major product iteration – a massive, full-fledged design effort that encompasses almost 6 years of innovation in advanced sporting goods manufacturing.

The question is, what’s the difference between the two lineups, and how can they enhance your game?

As you may know, the COLT 4 and it predecessors were developed as significantly more durable alternatives to bare-composite hockey sticks. Players who have grown accustomed to playing with composite sticks can easily add a COLT 4 to their in-game arsenal without experiencing much of an adjustment period. 

That being said, we recognized that even with the long-term cost savings associated with a hockey stick that can outlast the competition, the initial price-point of a nanomaterial-based hockey stick may still be out of reach for some players. The COLT PRO – a pro-stock inspired, nano-engineered product – was developed as an alternative for players who are just beginning to recognize the potential of nanomaterial technology in sport, and are looking for an intermediary option while they become more comfortable with the COLT Hockey brand.

Let’s dig deeper:


COLT 4 Price: $309.99 CAD

Unique Value Propositions

  • Elite performing, specially designed, one-piece composite hockey stick where the blade, hosel, and bottom 24" inches of the shaft (hack zone) are fully encapsulated with our patented Nanovate™ NiCo technology 
  • When compared to the COLT 3, the COLT 4 exhibits a 5% reduction in overall weight while maintaining an increase in strength and durability three-times that of a traditional composite hockey stick
  • Bottom 24" of the shaft maintains consistent flex profile when coated with NiCo
  • Depending on how you hold the stick, kick points will vary along the shaft - allowing for heavy slap shots as well as quick release shots
  • Strategically re-engineered composite construction serves to optimize the flex and response rate. The stiffness distribution of the COLT 3 generates a transferable flex profile that caters to a variety of different shooting techniques.
  • Developed leveraging a second iteration of our patent-pending COLT Soft-Touch finish with Three Dimensional shaft texturing – the perfect compromise between a grip and matte feel for players seeking a moderate alternative



COLT PRO Price: $199.99 CAD

Unique Value Propositions

  • Ultra-lightweight design – set to become one of the lightest sticks currently on the market
  • Features a refined, low-kick point for unrivalled, quick release and dynamic shooting – providing players with the mechanical leverage they’ve only dreamt of
  • Exhibits a new, multi-weave, 18K Carbon composite design, nano-engineered as a one-piece construct
  • By popular demand, the shaft of the COLT PRO features a superior glossy grip finish for ultimate stick control
  • Features an exposed, yet internally reinforced, ‘sand-paper’ blade for significantly improved puck feel and handling




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